Restaurant Julemont

Knight Winand of Julemont has a special place in the history of Château Wittem. In 1220, he bought the then not very large Wittem castle from St. Jacob’s Abbey. His family was an important knight dynasty from the Liège area, with many branches, and was sometimes referred to as the ‘Scavendriesch’. When they bought Wittem castle, they extended it by adding a large stone tower near Sinselbeek. The Scavendriesch’s coat of arms was a red, serrated cross on a golden yellow background. Their coat of arms can still be seen in the glass window above the entrance to Wittem Castle.

Restaurant Julemont is named after knight Winand of Julemont who moved into the castle with his family around 1200. He must have spent many long evenings in the company of his entourage and guests and enjoyed the rich and generously laid table and lavish meals that were prepared in the castle.

Actually, not that much has changed. We also love to spoil our guests. Our Restaurant Julemont is a place where people come together to enjoy shared moments, in a homely and intimate setting. Enjoy the culinary delights prepared by our chef Sven Nijenhuis and his team in the Château kitchen. Our menu always features a selection of French classics, including fresh lobster, foie gras and oysters, as well as a variety of seasonal dishes and regional favourites. Whether you choose the 6-course Château menu or the 7-course chef’s menu, prefer à la carte dining, there is something for everyone.


Whether you’re staying at the hotel or not:
Everyone is always welcome

Restaurant Julemont is open for lunch and dinner five days a week, from Wednesday to Sunday, including for non-hotel guests.

Of course, you are also welcome to come and enjoy an apéritif or digestif in our elegant Witham Bar.