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Welcome to Château Wittem

Julemont is a fine dining restaurant located inside Château Wittem, led by Chef Guido Braeken and his team of highly experienced cuisiniers; Sous-Chef Norris Neutelings and Max van der Sterren. With the team’s combined experience of working in high end restaurants with great international acclaim, the menu of Julemont is created with only the best products, a strong design and a unique palette of flavours in dishes that will pleasantly surprise you.

The fine tastes are not only in the food – Sommelier Philipp Bock has created an exclusive wine list to complement each sequence of the Chef’s menu.

Restaurant Julemont is open for bookings for lunch and dinner from Wednesday – Saturday.   


'Winand of Julemont '

Restaurant Julemont is named after the knight ‘Winand of Julemont’, who bought the Château in 1220 from the Saint Jacob Abbey in Liège, Belgium. The family weapon of Julemont can still be seen in the glass-stained window above the entrance of the Château. Julemont expanded the castle with a tower, which creates the backdrop for the fine dining experience that is restaurant Julemont today.

An homage to the rich history of this beautiful Château.

Open for bookings

You have reached a destination where you enter a world of elegance and relaxation. And just for the time being, you can forget the time.

Enjoy an intimate lunch or dinner in our fine dining restaurant Julemont. The restaurant is open for bookings from Wednesday – Saturday.