Surroundings of the Château

Château Wittem is situated in the beautiful green hills of Limburg, The surroundings of the Château are serene and sensational –perfect for spending time outside. Château Wittem is centrally located in between 3 major cities; Maastricht (The Netherlands), Liège (Belgium) and Aachen (Germany) are all within a stone’s throw from the Château.

Route Des Vins

Discover the beautiful grapevines in the green hills of Limburg through the ‘Route des Vins’. In Gulpen-Wittem, you can walk the 10 km long Wahlwiller-Eys route. On this route, you will pass five different grapevines and the romantic so called ‘wiengetske’. Enjoy the breath-taking views and discover new wine facts.


Strut down the cobbled streets of Maastricht and enjoy the many boutiques this city has to offer. Maastricht is the cultural home of the Bonnefanten Museum, the Jazz Festival and TEFAF. The city is divided by the river Maas– the left bank offers a vibrant local scene, most of the tourist attractions are located on the right bank.


Liège is situated in a French speaking region in Belgium. It is known for the ‘Liège waffle’. This Medieval city is filled with gems, which you will find if you have the time. The many Churches, the Cathedrals and the Palace are well worth visiting, as is the Musée des Beaux Arts.


This German city is home to the famous Hot Springs, which have been frequently visited by royalties in the past. In Medieval times, Aachen was even known as the New York of Europe. Wander around the narrow streets of the old town centre and visit the Gothic Cathedral, a World Heritage Site dating back to the 8th century.